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  Multan Hide Co. (pvt) Ltd.

The Firm Multan Hide Company was incorporated in Oct. 1972 and initially started its work with Raw Hide and Skin Commission Shop, trade and supplies of Raw Hide to other tanneries.

From 1984 Multan Hide Co. (Pvt) Ltd. started its own tannery and gradually commissioned all sort of latest tanning machineries. Now Multan Hide Co. is equipped and modernized tannery. Multan Hide Co.(Pvt) Ltd. never borrowed loan on interest from any bank because Mr Aslam always detested against interest. After a very short period of time it became the leading exporter of the region.


Multan Spinning   Itself presents the policies of the group, innovation, commitment, continuity of quality, literal meaning of word

Multan Impex, offers a wide range of sheep casing, in a variet of presentations.

Multan Agro Farm,  is producing and cultivating quality seasonal fruits meeting the local and export trading requirement.

Multan Cotex Manufacturer and exporters of Processed Cotton, Cotton Waste, Cotton Linter and other Cotton Products.

Multan Enterprise,  Franchise of Amrat cola beverage
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